One of the first things I think people thing about when planning a wedding is the cake. Especially since fancy, personalized cakes are so in right now. At first we thought we wanted a really cool cake. I looked around at the different places that did that sort of thing in my town, but I really wasn’t happy with anything that I saw. Probably mainly because they didn’t look as good as the one’s on tv. Next, we looked into cupcakes. We actually found a couple of places and plan to do tastings when we are back in town in January (the wedding is going to be in our home town, not where we live during the school year). I’ve also decided to try to make my own.

We really want to do everything possible ourselves. This initially included food, but we got so much criticism for this that we’ve hired a caterer. Initially I also was criticized (or at least given advice from many people) for wanted to do the cupcakes myself, but I’m going to ignore them. Cupcake batter can be made ahead, and frozen, probably even already portioned out into cups. Icing can be made ahead and refrigerated in a piping bag. All that’s left to do is bake, cool and ice. I don’t think that would be too hard with some helpers.

So, enough ranting. I have started experimenting. I made orange creamsicle cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting. I used this recipe

But I used the zest and juice of one orange instead of whatever it is she used. They tasted great, and looked okay. I think I will need to get an actual piping bag instead of just cutting off the corner of a baggy. I also think I might need to research frosting that does well in heat. Don’t take my feelings about advice from the second paragraph make you hesitant to offer any knowledge on this subject! I’m open to help, honestly!

Definitely not the prettiest one, but when I got around to taking a picture it was the only one left. We’ll call it reality cupcake.

Next up, I’m thinking of attempting angel food cupcakes with a strawberry filling and whipped cream topping. I just have to figure out how to get the filling inside. Again, I’m open to suggestions.

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