Trip Planning Mode

The last couple of weeks work has been slow and the weather has been pretty crappy (Ontario is half flooded and half burning down, a little scary). So, because I have time, I have entered full trip planning mode. This summer we are going on a major trip. It will be about three weeks of driving, camping and experiencing Canada. We are going about 75oo km round trip, from Sault Ste Marie (where we spend the summer), to Victoria and then back. We are planning on camping at provincial and national parks the whole way, unless we meet with some serious weather. I’m super excited to see things like this:

Image Detail

And this:

Image Detail

Canada’s a really cool place. Lots of variety of landscapes. However, the trip is really stretching my abilities. I’ve only planned really small trips before. It’s really tricky to make decisions, weighing drive time with what we’d really like to see. Plus finding camping in some places is a nightmare. Add to all that the fact that I’ve never really camped before, and you start to get the picture that a lot of planning is going on. Luckily, I still have quite a bit of time and I’m definitely not lacking in motivation!


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