Some times it is hard to eat healthy. Actually probably more like a lot of the time. Recently the problem has been all-purpose flour. We ran out a few days ago (one of the reasons I was trying to eat gluten-free). Several times I have went to the kitchen all ready to make something only to reach for the flour and remember that we ran out. Of course, we could just run out and buy some, but we really don’t do that. Groceries are bought on grocery shopping days, Saturdays. I think running out to get an ingredient every time you want something quickly becomes a problem, both in the time and money sense. The other reason we haven’t bought it is that it is one of those expensive items that we only buy on sale. My mom assures me flour sale season is fast approaching.

Today I really wanted to make a lemon loaf. It’s something I’ve been planning to make for a couple of weeks, but haven’t got around to until today, but, alas, no white flour. I could just go for it and substitute in spelt or whole wheat, but that will most likely lead to disaster. So, yet again, here I sit, deciding whether to look for a different recipe, create my own, or just forgo the loaf until we get the flour. If anyone has a great recipe, be sure to let me know!

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