No More Plastic Wrap!

I’m on the constant journey of simplifying and doing away with disposable stuff. Recently, I discovered a great product. They are called Abeego Wraps. I love them because they are made in Canada, compostable at the end of their life and natural and smell good.

They are cloth that has been coated in beeswax. To use them you just wrap them how you want it, either over a bowl or around a vegetable and you hold it there. The heat of your hands allows the wax to mold into the shape you want. When they’ve done their job you can just wipe them. I got this three pack for about 15 bucks. The lady at the store said they last an incredibly long time. So far, they’ve worked great and I’m another step closer to zero-waste.

Beany Chili

My chili method is time-consuming. It takes time to soak, and slow cook. The results are delicious and dirt cheap, so I think it is worth it.

I start by soaking my bean mix overnight. I can never find any actual dried bean mixes so I just buy a bunch of different beans from the bulk store and store them in a giant jar. I soak my kidney beans separately because they have to be boiled. The next day I rinse them all and throw them into the slow cooker with some water turned on low. Then I boil the kidney beans for 10 minutes. Once they are good to go I throw them in too. I leave it until the beans look really soft. I put in a chopped onion, garlic and whatever colour bell pepper I have. I also put in a can of diced tomatoes. I leave it for about an hour. Near the end I add some tomato paste (about half a can) and whatever seasonings (usually chili powder, cumin and thyme). It gets better after a day in the fridge, but is great that day with biscuits and green.

Spring Cleaning

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Today I woke up in Spring cleaning mode. We have a guest coming this evening so I would have had to clean regardless. I have also been getting rid of some stuff that is no longer needed. I sent a load to the Salvation Army, posted a few things on Craigslist and already have someone coming for the sewing machine that doesn’t see eye to eye with me. Hopefully the mood continues so I can get more done. Happy Spring cleaning!


I try to have a green smoothie every day. It doesn’t always go that way, but I try. Here is my currently favourite recipe.

-half a cup of orange juice (more if you want it more liquidy)

-half a cup of frozen or fresh kale

-half a frozen banana

-2-4 strawberries (depending on the size, ie. if you have large mutant guys, use only 2)

-2 tablespoons yogurt (I use plain, natural, but use whatever you want/have)

First I usually put the juice and greens in the blender. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy blender. I use the brown and beige Osterizer I got at the Salvation Army for 5$, incidentally, it’s the same model my mom has from over 30 years ago. Still going strong. Blend it for a minute or two.

Add the frozen banana and blend some more. Then the same with the strawberries. If you have a fancy new young blender, you can probably do this all in one step. Once it is to the consistency you want, add the yogurt and stir in. Drink it and feel the health.