Two Dinners

Dinner #1

Last night after the pancake fiasco I decided to keep things safe for dinner. I made potato pancakes (using chickpea flour), and a spinach/avocado salad with ricotta. Kurt made rice macaroni salad with all sorts of stuff. It was all very good, but I felt hungry not too long afterwards. I think it was the lack of protein.

Dinner #2

Tonight we had corn tacos. I made refried beans (which is what those chunks that look like steak are). There was also some vegetables on top (including some broccoli that was close to the edge and needing to be used), and cheese. We’ve done corn tortillas before; we even have a press that was given to us. They never seem to work for us though. I’m suspecting that we’re using the wrong flour. They are always super crumbly and hard to work with before they’re cooked and then very prone to breakage afterwards. We use corn flour. If you know the answer to this quagmire, please share your knowledge, I would love to be able to make these with the frustration we’ve experienced so far! Otherwise, they were delicious and I actually stayed full.

In other news, a giant flock of seagulls just swarmed in and landed in my front yard. It seriously sounded like I was aboard a mid-ocean fishing boat for a while. I tried to get a picture but the cats escaped though the door, hoping to try their hand at real hunting without the window in the way. I wonder if seagulls like leftover gluten-free pancakes?

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