Gluten-free Groceries

Today I walked over to the nearest bulk store and grocery store, just to see what kind of gluten-free options they offered since I’ve decided to go gluten-free for a week. I found quite a big variety of stuff at the bulk store. I was shocked at the packaged stuff though. It was about 6 times the price as the conventional product it was replacing. There is no way people would be able to live off of those kinds on products. The ‘all purpose’ flour mix was also quite expensive, a little under 70 cents per hundred grams. The flours I bought: corn flour, brown rice flour and white rice flour were all 33 cents per hundred grams. I also bought potato starch and some brown rice spaghetti.

At the grocery store I checked out the organic aisle and found some stuff, but again it was pretty expensive. I got some cereal, but then for the crackers I wanted I headed over to the regular cracker section. I found a few things. I found a few varieties of rice crackers, though they did say ‘may contain wheat’. Because I don’t think I have a hardcore wheat allergy I really didn’t worry about this. I also decided to just stick with regular oatmeal because from what I’ve read the only problem with it is that there may be trace amounts of wheat in it. I’m not really worried about that. Plus the gluten free oatmeal I found was 5 bucks a bag! I really don’t eat enough of the stuff to warrant that.

So, I will let you know how it all goes! I won’t lie, I’m slightly worried.



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