Beany Chili

My chili method is time-consuming. It takes time to soak, and slow cook. The results are delicious and dirt cheap, so I think it is worth it.

I start by soaking my bean mix overnight. I can never find any actual dried bean mixes so I just buy a bunch of different beans from the bulk store and store them in a giant jar. I soak my kidney beans separately because they have to be boiled. The next day I rinse them all and throw them into the slow cooker with some water turned on low. Then I boil the kidney beans for 10 minutes. Once they are good to go I throw them in too. I leave it until the beans look really soft. I put in a chopped onion, garlic and whatever colour bell pepper I have. I also put in a can of diced tomatoes. I leave it for about an hour. Near the end I add some tomato paste (about half a can) and whatever seasonings (usually chili powder, cumin and thyme). It gets better after a day in the fridge, but is great that day with biscuits and green.


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