I try to have a green smoothie every day. It doesn’t always go that way, but I try. Here is my currently favourite recipe.

-half a cup of orange juice (more if you want it more liquidy)

-half a cup of frozen or fresh kale

-half a frozen banana

-2-4 strawberries (depending on the size, ie. if you have large mutant guys, use only 2)

-2 tablespoons yogurt (I use plain, natural, but use whatever you want/have)

First I usually put the juice and greens in the blender. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy blender. I use the brown and beige Osterizer I got at the Salvation Army for 5$, incidentally, it’s the same model my mom has from over 30 years ago. Still going strong. Blend it for a minute or two.

Add the frozen banana and blend some more. Then the same with the strawberries. If you have a fancy new young blender, you can probably do this all in one step. Once it is to the consistency you want, add the yogurt and stir in. Drink it and feel the health.


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