Grocery Day

I’ve never realized how nice grocery shopping can be. Usually we are there Saturday or Sunday late-morning, or early afternoon fighting the crowds, standing in long lines and being disappointed by the store being out of many sale items. Today was a nice change. The store was mostly empty and just felt more relaxed. We came away with a huge variety of whole foods.

We mostly bought vegetables, but also some cottage cheese, oj, olives, 2 ingredient peanut butter, blackstrap molasses, nuts, wheat berries, yogurt for starter and some dried goji berries (which tasted nothing like we expected).

It should make for a delicious week.

Household Chemicals

Today I was did my WHMIS refresher for work. It’s training for reading labels on hazardous stuff. It’s kind of a funny thing for me to have to do because I avoid hazardous chemicals by all means possible. The proper labelling aspect, however, got my attention. The past couple of weeks we’ve been having some labelling problems of our own. All of our homemade cleaning products are kept in clear plastic bottles. accidentally, the wrong things kept being mistaken for water and were sprayed in places they weren’t welcome (ie. vinegar on bread dough). So, because smelling things before spraying may seem laborious for some genders, I decided to label everything. I also had to buy a new water bottle, since we either never actually had one, or else it went missing.So, there you have it. Together with baking soda this makes up our cleaning arsenal. Thankfully, no ‘highly corrosive’, or other scary sounding warnings are needed.

P.S. I didn’t lay out a backdrop for the picture or anything. This is just the sheet we have covering the half-done puzzle on the kitchen table since Daisy loves chewing on puzzle pieces, especially when the puzzles are borrowed it seems.

Alternative Burgers

Yesterday I was in the mood for burgers. I thought about what was in the pantry that would lend itself nicely to a burger and landed on quinoa. I looked up a recipe online, found one that sounded interesting and that we had most of the ingredients for so I wouldn’t have to substitute too wildly. It was kind of a weird recipe because it had cottage cheese in it, but hey, I love cottage cheese. The burgers weren’t great. They were very mushy, so very hard to flip and they had very little flavour. The texture was decent. They were more like pancakes with onions and spinach in them than burgers.

I have been making bean, veggie or grain burgers for a while now. I’ve tried quite a few different recipes, but I haven’t come across anything that I wanted to make again. Maybe I’m just expecting too much. I think next time I will try to invent my own. I make lentil loaf that is fantastic, maybe I just have to make it into patties instead. That might work. If you have a great burger recipe, please share!

Sushi Regret

Yesterday we went to Toronto for the Tiff. We saw “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. It was fantastic. It’s like a biography meets food documentary about Jiro Ono, world acclaimed sushi chef. There was also a small part where they discussed how they have noticed a decline in fish populations over the past few years and how this is affecting their restaurant. Some of the preferred fish they used to buy are no longer even available at the market. Also, the amount of tuna available has been reduced. This said this is because of fishing methods that scoop up everything, including the young tuna, and not giving the 10 years they need to be a good size.

The movie really made me want to go to Japan. In the meantime, though, we went to a local sushi place to eat. It’s all you can eat. I always seem to get into the situation where I order a bunch of great stuff and as it begins to come out I eat and eat in order to keep up with the pace of the food. Very quickly I get full, but the food keeps coming. This leads to sushi regret and going home with a giant stomach ache. Does anyone else have this problem? The worst it when you feel like there’s no way you can eat anymore and you think they’ve brought everything out, but then something appears on your table that you forgot about. Ugh. That didn’t happen last night, luckily, but I was still waaaay over full. I really need to start pacing myself.