Household Chemicals

Today I was did my WHMIS refresher for work. It’s training for reading labels on hazardous stuff. It’s kind of a funny thing for me to have to do because I avoid hazardous chemicals by all means possible. The proper labelling aspect, however, got my attention. The past couple of weeks we’ve been having some labelling problems of our own. All of our homemade cleaning products are kept in clear plastic bottles. accidentally, the wrong things kept being mistaken for water and were sprayed in places they weren’t welcome (ie. vinegar on bread dough). So, because smelling things before spraying may seem laborious for some genders, I decided to label everything. I also had to buy a new water bottle, since we either never actually had one, or else it went missing.So, there you have it. Together with baking soda this makes up our cleaning arsenal. Thankfully, no ‘highly corrosive’, or other scary sounding warnings are needed.

P.S. I didn’t lay out a backdrop for the picture or anything. This is just the sheet we have covering the half-done puzzle on the kitchen table since Daisy loves chewing on puzzle pieces, especially when the puzzles are borrowed it seems.


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