Movie Night

We decided to go see Hunger Games at the last-minute last night. On Tuesday they have a deal on tickets, plus we had a coupon from a cereal box. I was dying to see it, but was going to wait a few weeks and not have to brave the crowds. We didn’t wait, and we paid for it by sitting elbow to elbow with people. Luckily, they weren’t a rowdy bunch.

When we bought the tickets online, we didn’t really consider the time. We realized after that our lasagna would not be done in time. So Kurt had a brilliant idea to leave it in the oven at the lowest possible temperature. I was a little nervous because I hate leaving things on when we’re not here, but we did it anyways.

The movie was fantastic, not as great as the book, but whichever you read/watch first is almost always your favourite, so that’s fine. The lasagna on the other hand, well it resembled horribly burnt skin. Which, especially after watching a graphic movie, is not fun. It was actually not bad, but it was very gross looking.

Lesson learned: Plan Ahead!

Here’s a picture of it from today. It actually looks waaaay worse today that it did yesterday.

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