Tuna Troubles

I decided recently that we should be eating more fish. So far this has mainly taken the form of tuna and salmon (of the canned variety). I figured it is cheap and easy to add to dishes. In fact just last night we had tuna melts. I felt quite guilty eating though, because a couple of weeks ago I saw this video from Greenpeace:


It’s a great video because it is informative in an approachable way, without a lot of gore and guilt-trips.  So today, in reaction to the video and my tuna guilt I checked out Greenpeace Canada’s website to see what brands of tuna are ‘pole and line caught’. Of course, there does seem to be some debate on whether this is really a better form of catching tuna or not, but I think it makes sense. It seems much closer to how things should be, instead of a giant net sweeping up everything. It also seems that they are really pushing for this in the UK. Yet another thing they are ahead of us on.

From what I can tell from the report on the website, there are only a couple of brands that are decently sustainable, neither of which I have ever seen or heard of. I’m going to check the ‘green section’ of my local Loblaws next time I’m there, as the website recommends, but I’m not expecting to find them. If I do I’m sure they will cost a lot more. So it looks like there will be very little tuna in my future, and for that matter, everyone’s future if we don’t start treating our fish populations with some respect.

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