Breakfast Quinoa

I like quick breakfasts, as in pour and eat, or heat and eat. Instead of just eating cereal, like I have done for so long, lately I’ve been trying to have options prepared so that I can eat healthy in the morning. This week I made a huge pot of quinoa. Here’s how:

Rinse the quinoa really well (I put it in the blender with water and pulsed it a few times, then strained it, added new water and did it again) because if you buy it bulk there could still be some of the outside coating, which apparently tastes really bad.

Put milk (or water) and quinoa in a pot (ratio is 1 part quinoa/2 parts liquid). I also added some cinnamon.

Boil, them reduce the heat and simmer until all of the milk is absorbed. It took about 15 minutes for my huge pot.

Once it’s cool, refrigerate.

In the mornings I just put some in a bowl with frozen blueberries, add a little water and microwave for a minute. I also add a little maple syrup before I eat it.

Quinoa is crazy healthy and it keeps me full for a really long time. Try it, you’ll love it.


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