Making the Switch: Brown Rice

A few weeks ago I picked up some brown rice from the bulk store. I think it was to use in a recipe I wanted to try, but I don’t remember for sure. I wasn’t sure that I would like it because I figured it had ‘a flavour’. As it turns out, I absolutely love it. I like that it has more of a texture than white rice, and obviously that it is healthier. It also seems easier to cook, though this might just be me. I’ve always had trouble with rice burning or sticking like crazy, so for the past year I’ve been using a rice cooker my dad got me. This wasn’t ideal either though because I couldn’t check on it without letting out all of the steam and slowing things down. With brown rice I just put it in the oven with some water in my cast iron enamel pot. It doesn’t stick and you don’t have to use it right away, the pot keeps for it perfect for a while. It does take a little longer, but I’m fine with that. We aren’t usually in a hurry for dinner. The first batch I bought it all gone and we still have one of those gigantic bags of white rice to use up before we will be buying more. So sadly it will probably be awhile before we have more. Luckily, we recently discovered the delicious world of paella.

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