Under Attack: Part Two

Well yesterday it was the sock drawer. I didn’t want to bombard you with all of the my clothing problems all at once so I thought I would wait until today to tell you about my shirt drawer. Actually, this one wasn’t even close to the sock drawer. It was just the usual problem of me always grabbing the shirt that is on top, thus leaving the bottom half of the shirts unworn. The problem with this is that the shirts on top wear out much faster since they are worn so much and the bottom ones get all sad and wrinkly. The solution: rotating piles. Though it sounds complicated it actually simplifies things. At least in my opinion. So, hopefully, here’s how it will go: I have three piles of shirts in the drawer. The middle one is just tank tops I wear underneath, the other two are my regular t-shirts. When I get dressed I will take the shirt on top (switching piles each day). If I don’t want to wear that shirt it means I should get rid of it, because I shouldn’t keep something I don’t wear. When I do laundry I will put the clean shirts on the bottom of the piles, therefore ensuring equal wear. This seems brilliant to me, but most likely it is something that most people do already. I wish I could implement a similar system with my closet, but those are mainly work clothes, which I need to put more thought into. If only I could make getting dress completely trouble-free. Sometimes I miss my high school uniform.

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