Under Attack: The Clothes Monster

Today I did laundry. Nothing new. The problem came when I was trying to put away said laundry and I encounted a monster, and not the cute kind like below. My underwear and sock drawer was at maximum capacity. It just was not going to accept anymore. First world problem, I know. It is so sad that clutter and the over-owning of stuff is such a big problem, when for some people it is unimaginable. So, I needed a solution. The easiest thing seemed to be to go through my socks and underwear, choose 14 of each (in case I don’t do laundry for 2 weeks, which sometimes happens). These were given the privilege of living in the drawer. The rest were relocated to a plastic storage container. Whenever one pair wears out I can go to the bin and grab a new one. It will be just like shopping! Okay, not really, but at least it solves the problem for now. Until next Christmas when I am given 20 more pairs of socks.

Image Detail

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